I am a PhD candidate at MSU. As a researcher and analyst, I utilize machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), speech recognition, behavioral measures, and neurophysiological responses to understand how we process information in real time.

Currently, I am constructing a model that explains how we process grammatical illusions. These are sentences that appear to be okay but are ungrammatical–

More wizards eat grilled cheese than the knights do.

Here, we compare the number of wizards, or number of wizards eating grilled cheese, with the proposition that knights either do or do not eat grilled cheese: a strange combination. The part of the brain that handles processing language allows for illusions to exist. This is similar to our visual system, that still can’t tell the color of a blue black dress.

I also run a science blog, where I talk about some experiences as a graduate student, working with EEG, and anything else science related, which you can findĀ here.