selfieMy name is Patrick Kelley (PK), and I’m a PhD student of Linguistics at Michigan State University.

I specialize in a subfield of linguistics known as neurolinguistics, where we work to unite neuroscience and linguistics. As a researcher, I focus on how we process information in real time. Humans can take acoustic or visual disturbances in our surroundings and almost instantaneously put meaning to them. I work towards figuring out how our brains are capable of pulling this off.

Currently, I am constructing a parsing model that explains how we process a particular type of construction called grammatical illusions, sentences that appear to be okay but are ungrammatical. I claim that the very nature of the part of the brain that handles processing linguistic information allows for these kinds of illusions to exist, just like how our visual system, as amazing as it is, still falls victim to visual illusions like the internet famous blue black dress every time.

I also run a science blog, where I talk about some experiences as a graduate, working with EEG, and anything else science related, which you can find here or on the side menu. There are also a few other links of interest, including our Neurolinguistics Lab at MSU, our Linguistics Student Organization (LSO), as well as my CV.